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FAG precision bearing offline maintenance method

The main content of FAG precision bearing offline maintenance includes two aspects: the first is the inspection and regular maintenance after the bearing seat is removed, and the second is the inspection of the disassembled roller.


Offline maintenance needs to pay attention to the following:

(1) FAG precision bearing seat and bearing disassembly and installation must be completed in a relatively independent position, and special spreaders and tools should be equipped to ensure the removal and installation quality.


(2) When disassembling and disassembling FAG precision bearing rollers, a dedicated person should be arranged to independently inspect the oil return area of ​​the bearing box. If metal particles or grinding are found in the oil return area, the bearing should be further disassembled. Obvious foreign matter scratches in the bushing are observed, which should be scraped and removed by special personnel. For small scratches on the bearing cone, sharp edges can be removed by hard oil grinding to avoid a lot of grinding. Cutting the cone sleeve will cause damage, which is of great significance to ensure the use area of ​​the cone sleeve and improve the bearing load level.

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