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FAG precision bearing offline maintenance method (1)

(1) In the process of disassembling and maintaining the bearing, it is necessary to check the integrity of the sleeve and sleeve in turn. If there are abnormal signs such as peeling or cracking in the casing, further inspection and analysis are required. When the problem is serious, the liner should be replaced directly. When the problem is relatively minor (scratches or peeling are limited to local parts), the peeling edge can be cut by special personnel to achieve smooth over-extension of the local area. After confirming that the bushing is in good condition, the lining can be rotated horizontally. When the bearing is used, the bearing area is replaced to achieve the purpose of improving the bearing capacity and prolonging the service life of the bearing bush.


(2) When disassembling and replacing FAG precision bearing rollers, a dedicated person should check the special seal, check the sealing performance and actual conditions of the water seal, aluminum ring rubber rivets and DF. If damage is found, the corresponding parts should be replaced in time. The enterprise shall also form the seal of the above-mentioned seal. Replace the system regularly to ensure stable sealing performance.

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