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How to maintain the removed NSK bearing

1. The bearing must be maintained and maintained within a certain period of time, and the bearing needs to be removed;


2. To clean the bearings, you need to clean the bearings with diesel that can clean NSK bearings or without soaking. If you have special requirements, it is best to open the sealing device to clean it thoroughly;


3. After cleaning, air dry to clean the oil stains, and check whether the appearance of the bearing is damaged;


4. Find a wooden rod or hollow tube with the same inner diameter as the bearing and insert it into the inner diameter, fix a bearing at one end, and pull out the wooden rod or hollow tube laterally with the fixed bearing to check whether the bearing is loose


5. Rotate the bearing quickly by hand (provided that you wear gloves), and put one end on your ear in order to amplify the bearing rotation to distinguish whether the bearing is noisy;


6. If the bearing is loose or the rotating noise is too loud, it is time to replace the bearing.


7. Use a bucket of appropriate amount of grease or butter, melt it with a slow fire, put the tested bearings in the bucket to soak to see if there are any bubbles overflowing, take out the bearings after the grease has cooled, and determine according to the amount of grease remaining Whether the bearing will continue to be used.


8. Use a soft cloth to keep the impurities from dropping, wipe off the external grease and install the NSK bearing in the assembly machine, so that the maintenance is complete.

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