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It Has Been A Long Time Waiting But It Was Worth It

This week, our company received an order that greatly excited the employees of the sales and technical departments. Three years ago, a foreign electric motorcycle startup company sought technical support from our company, hoping to provide key thin-walled gear rings and specific types of constant-section thin bearings to help with the research and development of the rear drive wheel of their electric motorcycles. After a long wait and countless attempts, this cooperation project has finally reached an important turning point.

In 2021, this electric motorcycle startup company was searching for a suitable supplier worldwide to back its innovative electric motorcycle project. Luoyang BOBI Precision Bearing Co., Ltd. became the preferred partner of this company due to its professional technology and rich experience in thin-section bearing manufacturing. After multiple in-depth exchanges and negotiations, both parties finally determined the drawings and sample specifications of the gear rings and model JU120XP0 thin-section ball bearings.

In the subsequent cooperation process, Luoyang BOBI Precision Bearing Co., Ltd. carefully manufactured 5 sets of sample rings and 5 sets of thin section bearings JU120XP0 according to the requirements and delivered them to the customer smoothly. However, in the following time, the customer unexpectedly lost contact, leaving the company in a long wait and uncertainty.

Three years has gone quickly. On Monday, the long-awaited customer suddenly called and brought good news to us. It turned out that the previously provided samples had undergone rigorous running-in tests on the prototype electric motorcycle and achieved satisfactory results. Now, the customer plans to optimize further and improve the product and urgently needs to purchase 200 sets of gear rings and JU120XP0 bearings each to meet the demand for vehicles that will be launched in the market.

The news is undoubtedly the best reward for our persistence and efforts over the past three years. Mr. Yang, the company’s technical director, excitedly said, “This process was indeed difficult, but we always believed that our technology and products could meet customers’ needs. Now, seeing the satisfactory results, we feel very gratified and proud.”

The thin section bearing numbered JU120XP0 is a double-sealed, four-point contact spherical bearing with an inner diameter of 12 inches (304.8mm), an outer diameter of 12.75 inches (323.85mm), and a height of 0.5 inches (12.7mm), with its high precision, high strength, and excellent wear resistance, has broad application prospects on electric motorcycles.

As a driven gear, the drive gear ring receives power from the internal drive gear of the motor.
The drive gear ring engages with the gear on the rear wheel axle, converting the rotational motion from the motor to the rotational motion of the rear wheel.
The number of teeth and the size of the drive gear ring determine the speed ratio between the motor and the rear wheel, thereby affecting the acceleration performance and top speed of the electric motorcycle.

This cooperation demonstrates our  Luoyang BOBI Precision Bearing Co., Ltd.’s outstanding strength in bearing manufacturing and opens a new path for the company’s future development. Looking ahead, Luoyang BOBI Precision Bearing Co., Ltd. will continue to uphold the business philosophy of “Quality First, Customer Foremost” and provide global customers with more quality products and services.


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