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Lubrication of NSK 6205 bearings

1. Grease lubrication

The relubrication of NSK 6205 bearings is best implemented during the planned equipment shutdown period, and regularly replenished. At the same time, the old grease is removed or the old grease is squeezed out through the drain. The grease nozzle should be wiped clean before adding fresh grease. If the NSK 6205 bearing box does not have a grease nozzle, the NSK 6205 bearing box cover or end cover should be opened to take out the old grease. After cleaning, add fresh grease of the same model.


2. Lubricating oil

Regularly check the oil level and quality of the lubricating oil. In general, the normal oil level should be within the range of 1/3-2/3 of the equipment oil level window or mark. The oil replenishment method is an oil cup, and the displayed oil level only represents the oil replenishment capacity. However, the oil level of the NSK 6205 bearing box meets the operating requirements. The oil level in the oil cup is less than 1/4 of its total volume.

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