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Luoyang Bobi Precision Bearing Co., Ltd. Successfully Delivered 350 Sets of RE2008 UUCC0 Crossed Roller Bearings To Indian Equipment Manufacturers

Luoyang Bobi Precision Bearing Co., Ltd states that it has recently completed manufacturing and delivering 350 sets of RE2008 UUCC0 cross-roller bearings. These high-precision bearings will be shipped to India to serve the local high-end manufacturing industry. As one of the company’s flagship products, the RE-type cross roller bearings have won wide recognition in the market for their unique design and excellent performance.
The design concept of the RE-type crossed roller bearing is derived from the RB series, with its inner ring cleverly divided into two halves, while the outer ring remains a single structure. This design is particularly suitable for applications requiring high rotational accuracy. In the bearing, cylindrical rollers are arranged vertically on a 90-degree V-shaped groove rolling surface through a spacer retainer, allowing the bearing to withstand loads from multiple directions such as radial, axial, and torque. Although the dimensions of the inner and outer rings have been optimized to minimize them, the crossed roller shaft ring still maintains high rigidity, ensuring its stability and reliability in various industrial environments.
The RE2008 UUCC0 crossed roller bearing delivered by Luoyang Bobi Precision Bearing Co., Ltd. will be widely used in various fields such as the joint or rotating parts of industrial robots, the rotating workbench of machining centers, the rotating parts of robotic arms, precision rotating workbenches, medical devices, measuring instruments, and IC manufacturing equipment.
In addition to RE2008 UUCC0, the RE series of cross-roller bearings from Luoyang Bobi Precision Bearing Co., Ltd. also includes multiple models such as RE 2508, RE3010, RE350, and RE60040. These products are currently in active negotiations with customers in other countries and regions and are expected to further expand their market share in the future.
Luoyang Bobi Precision Bearing Co., Ltd. is renowned in the industry for its high quality and reliability. The company strictly controls product quality to ensure that every product meets the highest standards. In addition, the company has an experienced team of engineers who can provide customers with professional advice and technical support. The company always puts customer needs first and is committed to providing customers with the best solutions and service experience.
The successful delivery to Indian customers not only demonstrates the leading strength of Luoyang Bobi Precision Bearing Co., Ltd. in the field of crossed roller bearings but also further consolidates its position in the international market. In the future, the company will continue to increase investment in research and development, innovate technology, and improve product quality to meet the increasing demands of global customers.


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