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Luoyang BOBI Precision Bearing Co., Ltd. Successfully Delivered KA020XP0 Thin-Section Bearings And RU66 Crossed Roller Bearings


On the 5th, Luoyang BOBI Precision Bearing Co., Ltd. completed the production and delivery of 500 sets of KA020XP0 thin-section ball bearings and 100 sets of RU66 crossed roller bearings. These high-precision bearings will serve the research and manufacturing of new products by an aerospace equipment technology company, further enhancing its new quality productivity.

The KA020XP0 thin-section bearing is one of the key products of Luoyang BOBI Precision Bearing Co., Ltd. This open-type, four-point contact ball bearing has become an ideal choice in fields such as drones and precision measuring instruments due to its unique design and exquisite manufacturing process. With an inner diameter of 2 inches (50.8mm), an outer diameter of 2.5 inches (63.5mm), and a thickness of only 0.25 inches (6.35mm), it is lightweight yet sturdy, meeting the requirements of high precision and high-speed applications.

The crossed roller bearing RU66, with its integral structure design of inner and outer rings, exhibits excellent performance in rotational precision and torque stability. This product’s inner and outer rings are equipped with mounting holes, eliminating the need for additional fixed flanges and support seats, thus achieving stable rotation to meet the diverse needs of inner and outer ring rotation.

The bearing products delivered this time will help the aerospace equipment technology company achieve breakthroughs in fields such as drones and precision measuring instruments. Luoyang BOBI Precision Bearing Co., Ltd., with its outstanding product quality and professional technical support, has won wide acclaim from customers.

Luoyang BOBI Precision Bearing Co., Ltd. has been focusing on researching and producing high-precision bearings, committed to providing customers with high-quality solutions. The successful delivery of bearing products this time reflects the company’s strong technical strength and production capacity and demonstrates its firm support for high-end manufacturing industries such as aerospace. In the future, the company will continue to uphold the core values of innovation, quality, and service, providing customers with even higher-quality products and services.

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