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NSK bearings, NSK tapered roller bearings

NSK bearing tapered roller bearings are separable bearings. Both the inner and outer rings of the bearing have tapered raceways. Therefore, the key to improving the technology of the elliptical roller bearing notification constraint is to improve the lubrication state between the small rib of the inner ring and the large end surface of the roller. When this part is located at high speed, it is very prone to intense abrasion and burns, which is the main reason for the high speed restriction.


In a tapered roller bearing with a general structure, the circulation route of the lubricating oil can be described as lubricating oil at the contact part between the small rib of the inner ring and the small end face of the roller. Therefore, this part rotates very little and it happens to be very lubricating.


Therefore, foreign countries have now developed HA type tapered roller bearings. This kind of bearing has a rib on the outer ring, so that currency lubricant can lubricate the contact part between the outer ring rib and the small end surface of the roller. It can also store some oil when it is constant, which prevents lean oil burns during braking. However, several oil drain holes are opened on the outer ring ribs as needed to prevent the oil from having no drainage channels and staying in a certain part to cause oil The power loss and temperature rise of stirring are so low. Because the inner ring has no ribs, the temperature is greatly reduced, which increases the possibility of defecation between the inner ring and the shaft. The bearing of this structure uses the outer ring guidance method for the cage, so that the cage can guide the rollers stably without skewing and run stably, preventing explosive oscillation and excessive damage, which also contributes to high speed.

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