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Precautions for FAG precision bearings

(1) At present, most FAG precision bearing lubrication systems are equipped with flow switching devices on the main oil supply main road. When the oil supply is insufficient or there is no oil, the system will automatically issue an alarm command, but the thrust bearing oil supply is mainly due to the branch of the independent oil supply pipeline without a flow monitoring device. Therefore, when the staff replace the bearing roller system, special attention must be paid to the pipe connection and installation work to avoid bearing oil shortage later. malfunction.

(2) The rolling mill oil film lubrication system usually has two mailboxes, one of which is put into operation, and the other mailbox is used as a spare mailbox. The level of the mailbox should be maintained at about 2/3 to ensure sufficient oil separation time. The staff must regularly check the oil test and system level changes to determine whether it is necessary to switch mailboxes. In addition, for a single tank system, the bottom must be drained regularly, and oil-water separation should be used reasonably. The system ensures the stability of the oil film lubrication function of the rolling mill.

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