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Precautions for FAG precision bearings (1)

(1) The temperature and oil supply pressure of the FAG precision bearing lubrication system will directly affect the operation of the oil film bearing. Abnormal temperature will directly cause the bearing capacity of the oil film bearing to be damaged, and the abnormal oil supply pressure will cause the oil film bearing to face the risk of leakage. Therefore, it must be highly valued in online maintenance. Under normal circumstances, the oil supply pressure of the oil film bearing during the operation of the rolling mill should be controlled according to the standard of 0.08MPa~0.12MPa, the oil return temperature should not exceed 65.0℃, and the lubrication point oil supply temperature should be maintained at 38.0. °C~42.0°C interval. If there is an abnormal oil return temperature problem, it must be analyzed based on the abnormal performance. If necessary, stop the inspection. If it is judged that there is a problem with the bearing itself, it is necessary to replace the rollers in time, and further disassemble the bearing to obtain detailed information. Check and troubleshoot in time and restore the safe operation of FAG precision bearing lubrication system.


(2) If the bearing return pipe is equipped with a valve, when confirming that a frame roller is to be replaced, the oil film supply pipe of the frame should be unplugged in advance, and the return pipe valve should not be closed prematurely. , Make enough oil in the bearing seat. Backflow to avoid excessive oil loss from the seat. After the replacement of the roller and the return pipe of the bearing box are connected, open the return pipe valve in time.

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