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The Industrial Robot-Joint Bearing- Thin Section Bearings

The development of modern industrial robots tends to be lightweight, because bearings must be installed in a very limited space, which requires bearings to be small in size and light in weight, that is, “lightweight”. But at the same time, the characteristics of the robot such as high load capacity, high rotation accuracy, high operation stability, high positioning speed, high repositioning accuracy, long life and high reliability need to be guaranteed by supporting robot bearings, so the aspect of a bearing in the load capacity and accuracy , Stiffness, low friction torque, long life and reliability must have good performance.

Industrial robot bearings are the key components of industrial robots, which mainly include four types: Constant cross-section thin-walled ball bearings(Also called : Thin section bearing/ Thin section ball bearing / Constant section ball bearing), cross cylindrical roller bearings, harmonic reducer drive bearings, RV reducer bearings,  among them the first two types took the most market share.

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