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The special features of NSK magnetic bearings

NSK magnetic bearing, also known as magnetic suspension bearing, refers to a new type of bearing that relies on the force of the magnetic field to support the load or the rotor. With the development of science and technology, the technology of magnetic bearings has also been greatly improved, so this type of bearing is particularly suitable for use in some special environments, such as aerospace and so on. For this kind of bearing, its research mainly focuses on the two aspects of magnetic levitation and superconducting magnetic levitation.
NSK Bearing


For the classification of NSK magnetic bearings, the main criteria are the control method of the bearing, the different forms of suspension force, etc. In terms of control methods, it can be divided into permanent magnet magnetic bearings, controllable magnetic bearings and so on. In terms of the difference in levitation force, it can be divided into repulsion-type magnetic bearings and suction-type magnetic bearings.


Comparing the magnetic bearing with the traditional NSK rolling bearing, its special features are: first, there is no mechanical contact force; second, under the premise of the first point, there is no friction between the components of the bearing. The force, leading to the reduction of bearing wear, has an important impact on prolonging the service life of the bearing; third, this type of bearing has a wide range of applications, especially suitable for applications under high-precision and high-speed requirements; fourth is energy The consumption is small, and the cost can be saved; the fifth is that it is extremely environmentally friendly and has little pollution to the environment.


At the same time, we should pay special attention to that, magnetic bearings are not independent bearing forms, but exist as an auxiliary. Therefore, its use must be matched with other bearing forms.


In the use of NSK magnetic bearings, it should be noted that the operating system of the magnetic bearing is composed of five major components such as electromagnets and rotors. Since this operating system is a very complex system, it is difficult to describe it with an accurate model. However, special attention should be paid to the use of the controller, because the controller has an important influence on the stability of the entire NSK magnetic bearing operation. Under normal circumstances, the controller includes two types: digital and analog.

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